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Services at a glance

With more than 190 employees, we make high-quality turned and milled parts and machine forged parts for customers from an extremely wide range of industries at our mid-sized company, located in Roding, east of Regensburg. Our core expertise is brass processing.

Our services in detail

CNC turned parts

We make CNC turned parts for you in three-shift operation using a very wide range of materials.
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Precision turned parts

We make precision turned parts using non-ferrous metal, corrosion-resistant steel and machining steel.
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Turning shop

Our turning shop is specialized in the production of precision machined turned parts.
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Brass turned parts

Our core expertise at HKR especially includes the production of brass turned parts.
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Aluminium turned parts

We manufacture aluminium turned parts on conventional automatic curve lathes and CNC short-bed lathes.
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Precision parts

We use machining applications for the production of precision parts.
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Multi-spindle turned parts

We make multi-spindle turned parts using extremely productive manufacturing processes.
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Forged parts machining

Our many years of experience and top quality standards set us apart in the machining of forged parts.
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Milling/Milled parts

Our experience and high quality standards are the foundations of our milling.
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