Multi-spindle turned parts

We make multi-spindle turned parts using an extremely productive manufacturing process. Several production stages are implemented which guarantee an optimum production process.


For this purpose, we place several spindles correspondingly synchronized at various machining stations. This makes it possible for the multi-spindle turned part to take on the desired form step by step. The workflow is very effective: The various machining stages can be carried out in parallel. Various tools are also available. This allows our production to be at least five times more effective than a single-spindle turned part machine.


Multi-spindle turned parts – how we manufacture

Our production of multi-spindle turned parts excels with these options and advantages:


  • We can use up to twelve stations
  • We achieve very short cycle times and effective work cycles
  • We machine up to diameters of 48 mm off bars
  • We keep residual material to a minimum
  • We can convert multi-spindles fast as required
  • We also produce complex parts
  • We can carry out three-sided machining


Production lots for multi-spindle turned parts

We make production lots from 20,000 pieces and produce your components in any lot size.


We serve companies from an extremely wide range of industries and also meet the requirements of the automotive, mechanical engineering and plant engineering sectors. This applies in particular to the production of pneumatic components, hydraulic components and electrical components. We are happy to put our expertise to use in new areas. Tell us what you need.

Multi-spindle turned parts

Our offering at a glance


  • Brass
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Machining steel
  • Stainless steel


We offer you our multi-spindle turned parts with diameters of 5 to 48 mm. Inserts up to diameters of 130 mm. Maximum machining length: 140 mm.


We manufacture all types of female and male threads using threaders and circular mills.

Surface refinement

In addition to our efficient production, our reliable network of partners and suppliers makes it possible for us to offer you solutions from a single source. This includes the area of surface refinement:  


Drum and rack parts are possible. We can offer you the following surface coatings:


  • Zinc blue chromating (Cr (VI)-free)
  • Thick-film passivation (Cr (VI)-free)
  • Yellow chromating, sealing
  • Zinc-nickel (transparent thick-film black passivation; various sealings)
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Tin (matte and bright)
  • Silver
  • Hard silver
  • Brush electroplating
  • Hydrogen de-embrittlement (tempering)
  • Slide grinding
  • Salt spray test

Quality management for multi-spindle turned parts

For the production of multi-spindle turned parts, our very high quality standards apply; these are related to our certifications according to ISO / TS 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. In addition, the complete satisfaction of our customers, the corresponding service and attention to environmental protection are especially important to us.

Interested in multi-spindle turned parts?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly regarding the production of multi-spindle turned parts and request further information or a quotation. Give us a ring on +49 9461 953-159. Or get in touch with your contact partner. We look forward to hearing from you.