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Continuous improvement

Existing processes are measured on an ongoing basis and continuously improved in order to generate more profitable growth. This is as a result of the application of Six Sigma methods, among others.

5S programme

The objective of our 5S programme is to create workplaces designed for interruption-free work. The result at HKR is that there is a place for everything and everything is in its place, which means no more time lost searching, optimized transport distances and waiting times that approach zero. Work is done without waste. A clean and tidy working environment is also considered to be the basis for our successful quality work. The 5S programme has been successfully in place for several years and is established in all of the company's divisions. This implementation has led to a considerably more efficient way of working and distinguishes us from competitors in the market.


The Vaillant Group Production System – VPS for short – is a standardized production system which is actively used at HKR.


The VPS mission

VPS generates a culture of ongoing improvement.


Seven VPS principles form the basis of the Vaillant Group Production System:


  • Work is fun as a result of motivation
  • Create values
  • Let it flow
  • Stay the courseh
  • Make it synchronized
  • Make it simple
  • Make it sturdy


VPS methods

VPS contains 15 very specific work methods which can be used in production to implement the seven principles.


VPS board & shop floor walk

The VPS board is the main element for visualizing operative performance. It supports communication with the operative employees responsible during the VPS shop floor walk.

Machine data acquisition

Machine data acquisition has been implemented at HKR. It can be understood as the complete connection of HKR’s entire stock of machinery. Our stock of machinery was equipped with terminals for data acquisition and then a central production control was added.

The results:

An enormous improvement in production workflows including the materials and tool supply. Paperless planning and manufacturing makes for greater efficiency. It is possible to optimally coordinate machine availability and set-up times.

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