Milled parts with precision

We produce milled parts in small- and mid-scale volume ranges at specially configured machining centres. The processing machines are equipped for machining brass, aluminium and copper as well as machining steel.

The stock of machinery consists of
single-spindle, two-spindle and four-spindle machining centres.

The swivel rotary tables and equipment with a 5th axis help us meet our customers’ requirements.

Using clamping units we’ve developed ourselves, we introduce as many components as possible in the machining process by means of multiple clamping and thus achieve the shortest machining times.

From the simple milling process all the way to highly complex component machining (3D milling), we are well positioned for the wide range of requirements on the market.

Moreover, we use washing units from Hösel and Dürr for efficient and environmentally-compatible cleaning. This is also the case for sensitive products.

Manufactured materials:




Machining steel





our offering

In addition to our efficient production, our reliable network of partners and suppliers makes it possible for us to offer you solutions from a single source.

This includes the area of surface refinement:


We produce with an accuracy of
0.01 mm for hole diameter, 0.02 mm for pitch and a surface accuracy of Ra 0.8 and Rz 6


We manufacture with top product quality using the following manufacturing methods:

- Thread machining
- Die cutting
- Wobble broaching
- Grooving
- Drilling and grinding
- Roller burnishing
- Circular milling
- 3D milling

All types of female and male threads.


The dimensions range from 20x20x20 mm to 300x200x100 mm.

If annual lot sizes are large enough, it is possible to make use of robot-driven manufacturing.

Special features

What distinguishes our CNC milling department

The CNC-controlled machines make extremely fast set-up times possible. Customer orders can thus be processed in the extreme short term.