Traditional machining of forged parts.

Cast and forged parts

In our forged parts division, we have been machining parts for heating technology applications for more than 50 years. With these special machines, it is possible to produce with various dimensions and complex geometries. Robot-driven manufacturing is used for medium- and large-scale volumes.

We produce small and large
volumes for you as well as
special and mass-produced parts.

We manufacture all kinds of female and male threads using thread machining, die cutting, wobble broaching, grooving, drilling and grinding, roller burnishing. The dimensions extend from 20x20x20 mm to 300x200x100 mm. In the case of high order volumes, we make use of robot-driven manufacturing.

Manufactured materials:




Machining steel





our offering

In addition to our efficient production, our reliable network of partners and suppliers makes it possible for us to offer you solutions from a single source.

This includes the area of surface refinement:



We produce with an accuracy of
0.02 mm for hole diameter, 0.05 mm for pitch and a surface accuracy of Ra 0.8 and Rz 6


We manufacture with top product quality using the following manufacturing methods:

- Thread machining
- Die cutting
- Wobble broaching
- Grooving
- Drilling and grinding
- Roller burnishing

All kinds of female and male threads.


The dimensions extend from 20x20x20 mm to 300x200x100 mm.

If annual lot sizes are large enough, we are able to make use of robot-driven manufacturing.

Special features

What distinguishes our forged parts machining

  • Robot-driven machines
  • Oblique cross holes
  • Polygonal cutting
  • 5-axis machining
  • Roller burnishing
  • Die cutting