Heating and sanitation


Process technology

Your requirements are our challenge

Long-term customer relationships distinguish us.

We aren’t just a supplier, but instead see ourselves as a partner in the implementation of customer projects.

HKR is an expert partner when it comes to turning, milling and machining forged and cast parts. We support your projects in the sectors of heating and sanitation, automotive and process technology from development all the way to serial production.


On the basis of history, heating and sanitation are the sectors in which we are at home. Our products – from simple connectors to complex switches – are installed in all kinds of heating systems. We are backed by 50 years of experience. The comprehensive product portfolio ranges from simple connectors to complex switches and products with safety features.

We offer sustainable and process-optimized developments with industry-specific machines and the necessary know-how. 50 years of experience make it possible.


Demanding customers and high-level requirements in terms of quality and supply performance are characteristic of the sector. Our products are used by the millions in all kinds of vehicle parts. Certified according to IATF, we meet the requirements of the industry.

The parts range includes various connections, plugs, sockets and socket unions. Quality and reliability are priority number one.

Our stock of machinery is suitable for small- to large-scale volumes so that greater product quantities in particular can be guaranteed and manufactured in accordance with your requirements.

Generate progress and motion with HKR.


The more system control and automation is necessary, the more
critical process technology becomes. Most importantly, our mechanical components control media in different physical states such as gases or liquids. Given our experience in heating technology, the field of process technology is a logical branch for us.