• Precise manufacturing of

    turned, milled and forged parts

    HKR’s core expertise includes the production of turned parts and the processing of forged parts. We trust in 50 years of experience and a team which excels with particular skill. You, too, can place your trust in this expert partner in the production of turned, milled and forged parts.

  • Who we are

    Achieving the highest quality and sustainability standards

    What we produce is materially based on our integrated quality and environmental management systems. These systems ensure high quality standards, a clean and safe working environment and careful handling of the resources available.

  • What sets us apart

    Our striving for precision

    Our processes are tried and tested, and they are continuously analysed and improved on an ongoing basis in order to generate permanent growth. For this we use only processes which are measurable and apply Six Sigma methods, for example.


    Part of the VAILLANT family-run company
    for 50 years

    HKR GmbH produces and/or machines turned, milled and forged parts. It began in 1966 as part of the Vaillant Group in the heating and sanitation sector, and has been an independent limited liability company since 2006. The Vaillant Group is one of the global market and technology leaders in the areas of heating technology, ventilation technology and air-conditioning technology.

    For 140 years now, the Vaillant Group has pursued a strategy based on sustainable and profitable growth. Today, the family-run company has 11 production and development sites in 6 European countries and in China. The Vaillant Group’s plants manufacture highly efficient products for regional markets.

    HKR in figures

    > 190 qualified employees
    > 5.000 tonnes of machined brass
    > 10.000 m² of production space
    > 60 million parts per year
    > 800 professionals trained
    > 50 years of experience


    Heating & Sanitation

    Quality goods

    Based on our history, heating and sanitation are the sectors in which we are at home. Our products – from simple connectors to complex switches – are installed in all kinds of heating systems. All developed for you against the backdrop of 50 years of experience.


    Precision down
    to the micrometre

    Discerning customers and high-level requirements in terms of quality and supply performance are characteristic of the automotive sector. Our products are used by the millions in all kinds of vehicle parts. Certified according to IATF, we meet the needs of the industry.

    Process technology

    Machining to

    The more system control and automation is necessary, the more critical process technology becomes. Most importantly, our mechanical components control media in different physical states such as gases or liquids. Given our experience in heating technology, the field of process technology is a logical branch for us.


    Member of the Vaillant Group for 50 years


    • Founding of the production site in Roding in the heating and sanitation sectors

      In 1966, the first site outside Remscheid was founded in Roding. It served to extend production capacity for the growth of the Vaillant Group. A strategy of cross-promotion and development of the existing potential of qualified employees was followed. Vaillant set the industrialization of the region in motion by means of industrial training.

    • Expansion: Aluminium die-casting foundry and assembly halls

      Production capacities soon reached their limit and Vaillant invested in expanding the foundry and assembly halls in order to meet growing requirements. Karl Ernst Vaillant was the driver behind the development of the site. (see image centre)

    • ISO 9001 certification

      The quality of products and processes has always been a major component of how work is done at Vaillant. Consequently, this certification was a consistent step towards having production and production-related processes audited for ISO 9001. This made it possible to render the actual quality visible to the outside world.

    • Start of the Vaillant Excellence Programme

      With the Vaillant Excellence Programme, the company was strategically and consistently brought into alignment with lean principles. The staff of all sites and departments were integrated in the process and in multiday training sessions. Many of the processes developed at that time are still valid today. The Vaillant Excellence Programme was a milestone for the organization and for the development of Vaillant in the years that followed, and strengthened the principle of ongoing improvement in all divisions and processes.

    • Winner of the Bayerischer Qualitätspreis (Bavarian Quality Award)

      Consistent alignment with lean principles with a focus on quality led to the winning of the Bayerischer Qualitätspreis (Bavarian Quality Award). This was also a milestone for VG’s winning the Deutscher Qualitätspreis (German Quality Award) in 1999.

    • TS 16949 certification

      Certification as per TS 16949 was achieved as a result of changes to the customer portfolio of the aluminium die-casting foundry and the machining of customer orders from the automotive industry. Since that time, the quality management system has been developed further on a continuous basis in order to meet our customers’ requirements, and it has been re-audited annually.

    • Growth of external business

      The successful positioning on the market and the proven achievement of quality standards as per IATF 16949 made it possible for the site to acquire further customer orders from various sectors. These customers remain loyal to the company by conviction.

    • Founding of HKR + ISO 14001 certification

      In 2005, Vaillant decided to realign itself on the basis of its core expertise. This included a new production strategy, the outsourcing of assembly and products as well as lines of business. Thus, in 2005, the enterprise Heizkomponenten Roding GmbH was founded. Ever since, the Roding plant has been supplying its customers with products under the name HKR. The Vaillant Group is still the owner. With the ISO 14001 certification, the Q management system was extended to include an important division. Environmental aspects become the focus in day-to-day work.

    • Optimization of the production flow

      Restructuring, outsourcing of assembly and processes in production are implemented anew > Process optimization. With great effort, during running operations in 2012, optimization of the production flow and production processes is driven forward. The material flow and production sequence were the main criteria. Machine groups were regrouped, and assembly was outsourced and relocated. From then on, the focus was on the production of forged and turned parts. The freed up space was used in the following years for new business opportunities and it was possible to respond flexibly and rapidly to the wish for expansions.

    • Start of VPS programme

      With the Vaillant production system, in 2015 a programme started which aimed to optimize workflows and processes by means of principles, methods and tools. All employees are integrated in this process and make their contribution to continuous improvement. The concept of lean management was thus developed further as a result of this and re-established in the enterprise. In particular, it was possible to implement slight, fast, day-to-day improvements using the above-mentioned means. The results are discussed and necessary decisions taken in the course of the daily shop floor walk.

    • Site anniversary – 50 years

      In 2016, the Roding site was able to celebrate its 50th anniversary with its employees. Site founder Karl Ernst Vaillant, representatives of the Vaillant Group and pioneers from the political arena and other business-related organizations were in attendance. Numerous events took place under the motto “With history into the future”. From left to right: Norbert Schiedeck (Managing Director Vaillant) Karl-Ernst Vaillant, Franz Reichold (Mayor of Roding), Michel Rahn (Plant Manager HKR)

    • Winner VPS Award 2019

      The HKR won the Vaillant VPS Award in 2019 for its “Cultural Journey“ project. The award is presented annually for extraordinary projects. In previous years, the topic “culture, values and vision” was the main focus and all HKR employees were involved in the process.

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