Maschinenpark der HKR

Stock of machinery – the ideal set-up

Our stock of machinery comprises special, sturdy equipment and is ideally set up for our production. We work with 5-axis machining in our modern milling centre so that we can perform even complicated tasks easily and precisely. We have washing units from Hösel and Dürr, which enable us to clean even sensitive parts with efficiency and environmental compatibility. Perfection and sustainability are our objective.

 Turning division

  • 26 CNC single-spindle machines
  • 4 rotary indexing table machines (Hydromats)
  • 19 six-spindle machines
  • 1 machine for cleaning turned parts
  • 1 machine for processing brass chips

 Milling division/Forged parts division

  • 4 CNC machining centres (4-axis and 5-axis machining)
  • 10 rotary indexing machines (4x robotics-supported, 6x manual assembly)